Pimp my Kid's Jacket!

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 Yes, brrr the Winter is about to come, Jackets, Hats, Gloves etc... must be hold from cellar and get ready to confront cold -XX°C/°F weather.

So I found myself wondering how would the Ribbons look on the Jackets, my older little Man is 4 now, so he's all about Superheroes and Flying annoying Birds hahaha so I didn't quite knew if he would like it or find it silly...

So I get on HAND-sewing on a Jacket the Poker FUN Ribbon and guess what... HE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!

 So I thought well now I'll try it on little mini Me (he looks and has Momas attitude hahaha). He got
The Nutcrackers on his little Jacket, and well, mama Made... he also Adored it!

Sorry about the bad pix Quality, I guess
you can still watch the results on both Jackets!

1. Measure Kids area to be Pimped.
2. Cut Ribbons and check best Ribbon side (left/right).
3. Get needle, yarn and start stitching (watch out to get a discrete yarn color that the stitches are seamless).

And that's it!
I took me about 15 Minutes
per Jacket to sew the Ribbons
on it... why not try it OUT?!!

Now days it is somehow hard to distinguish Kids
stuff even on the Kindergarten there is always someone who has the exacta same Jacket or Sweater or even Backpack! So I guess it could quite be a easy, fast, fun, solution for having
kids stuff Named.

No need to Name just sew a "Ribbon Tag" on it!

Have FUN!



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