Kids @Home (oh! no!) haha

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That's my older one Ignacio, he's been staying with me since yesterday! So I thought well, with Makario being on the Nursery and he being here and mum having loads of stuff to do... I decided to involve him on what mum's up to day by day, and we both really enjoyed it!

It's fun to see how they actually get everything one's doing, and they really learn by seeing!

Activity #1: Cut . Paste . Stickers! (Hi there Ignacio!)

Activity #2: Picture Making.

You know I am actually pro on having kids testing on technology, all sorts of, camera, handy, iPads, and so on. I think it is a way to introduce them to the new Tech-World we live in and to embrace it. I mean there should always be a balance, but It's great to see how fast they learn to operate all this complex Stuff.

So here My first co-Worker making on some image samples. After a couple of pictures, he asked if he could photograph his toys! So yes it is fun and I love his interest on mum's Stuff.

Activity # 3: Stamping Invoices and packing Orders!

hahaha sorry if there are some Orders with uneven Stamps on, blame it on me! And yes, well some Orders will be a bit delayed, because today Makario also stayed home, so there will be only time for the essential to-do-Stuff!

Love my boys, but I actually wish them A.S.A.P. recovery, because hahaha, they can drive mum real (like REAAAALL) NUTS!



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