Eye Candy!

12:47 Michelle Pohl 1 Comments

 YIPPIEE YAAY! Today I received the Prints I am looking forward to hang on my soon to have Studio. They are from Tad Carpenter an Illustrator from Kansas City in the US.

I find really inspiring to see how Creative people get to mach such beautiful colors and moreover create such beautiful Characters, you can even get the feeling they actually exist!

He just released some Kids Books, which are available via Amazon (I have got to get them ASAP!) & which feature colorful Illustrations and fun perfect to catch Kiddos eyes, I am sure my two little ones will love them!

Check out Tad's work at his website HERE!

Have 2 Minutes??? Watch his Video HERE and get to know a bit more about him... 
I wish I could go back to the Uni and have him as a Teacher! hahahaha



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