My Favy and most doable Christmas Craft Tutorials

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I am so excited about the Christmas seasons, how about you?
And well not to mention that I am all full of hormones and quite low on energy enough to entertain my two little monkeys which by the way besides playing with Legos and Playmobile LOVE to craft stuff with mum and sometimes with dad (hahaha hope he will never get to read this but hubby's a grrreat crafter!).

So I got a bit pinteresting here and googled there and realized how hard it is sometimes to get to the OTP's (original tutorial posts), so I decided to dedicate a post to my favorite and most doable christmas tutorials with links to the original posts.

If you find one which you would like to try out just click on the pictures and tadaaa you'll get to the source!

1. Foam Christmas Tree Tutorial (Ribbon Covered) By Little Birdie Secrets.
Great for trying out with our ribbons!

 Little Birdie Secrets

2. Snackpicks Stucking Stuffers by Snack Picks
Just the right for my boys, they are all for crafting moreover when there's a "treat deal" in-between!

Snack Picks

3. Christmas Ornaments with Ribbons and Fabrics by The Paisley Mill by Shelley Schott
I found this ones amazing! colorful & melancholic, could make great gift tags or tree ornaments.

 The Paisley Mill

4. Button Tree by Beneath the Rowan Tree
This ones are also great for little hands!

 Beneath the Rowan Tree

5. Glittery Christmas Pine Cones by Blessedmom @ Hubpages
I am all for Handmade gifts for christmas, so this will make great gifts for this year!

 Blessed Mom

6. Easy Foam Christmas Tree Ornaments from Yahoo voices.
I love to craft kids projects with Foam, I find this material to be very "clean" to work with.


7. Festive Finial Ornaments from Lowes
I love to hand-paint stuff! This Ornaments look like loads of fun to make, and you can get to use them for the next couple of years, and who knows maybe even pass it to the next gen! :)


8. Jingle Bell Ribbon Rings by Makes and Takes
I found this ones grrreat! It's no secret that I passionately love ribbons, so I found this ones could make a great door deco accompanied from some seasonal foliage.

Makes and Takes

9. Snowman Tutorial by maedchenmitherz
I can definitely see this one look gorgeous as a gift deco on a craft wrap!

10. Santa and Snowman Bars from Martha Stewart

This will make great Christmas favours for the Kindergaden Teachers!

 Martha Stewart

11. Tree cones (with printables) by Kind over Matter
This ones are easy an look fabulous, I could also consider making them in miniature for the crib.

 Kind over Matter

12. Bird Seed Ornaments (for outer use) by Saltwater-kids
This ones will make great cover for tree branches on the garden, besides providing a munch for little birdies.


13. Winter Wonderland Ornament by Spoonful
I found this one very interesting for the retro look ornament!


14. Felted Wreath Ornament by Spoonful
This one is also great to keep little hands entertained for a while during cold evenings.


16.Cookie Cutter Christmas Wreath from
Maybe you have a couple of damaged cutters on your bakery hardware (I do!), well it's time to upcycle them into a Wreath!


17. White Yarn Christmas Wreath from
I love the contrast and minimalistic used on this craft. I am also seriously considering changing the color of my house door hahaha.


Well I hope you find this links useful and moreover I wish you loads of fun by trying them out!

I've got a quite few more of them over on my Pinterest board HERE "Favy Xmas Projects"so you can have them all handy on your board! 

All credits for images and tutorials are listed on every image.

I wish you a very Jolly Crafting!



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