Holidays Pt. 1: Brit Food is better than Brit Pop!

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I will try to post piece by piece the highlights of this holiday which had a bit of everything. I had the opportunity to meet London's best sources for Hand-making, Sewing, Patchworking as well as THE RIBBON PARADISE on earth... this is going in a special post for "Appointments in London". I also was back at Brighton which if you are into real Funky/Alternative/Boheme and love the Sea, well this city is for you.

But for now let's start with BRIT FOOD:

I am back from maybe the best Christmas Holidays ever (Home is where the heart is!). Had a lovely family time with the Brits, the Mex and the Deu crew (what a mix!) and I got the opportunity to enjoy the must delicious Brit-food in the best Company ever.

To make it a bit clear, Brit food is for me bigger than Brit pop! hahaha (got it? brit food/pop?)

Well I will start with a quick list of the yummiest things there is to find in the POP Brit cuisine to delight your senses.

1. Fish & Chips (the english version of the mexican tacos!) with tons of malt vinegar and if you like your seafood with a kick, try the Walkerswood Jamaican scotch bonnet salsa like so:

2. I couldn't miss the Pastys! Cornwall's are my personal favy.

3. It's all about Parsnips, Sprouts and fried potatoes with Turkey, Ham or Pork and a delicious Horseradish gravy (our Boxing day buffet).

the bones... (Christmas Cake with Wunderpop design by Roberta van Schijndel :D)

4. For the sweet tooth, I also got to eat tons of my Big Sis's famous Home baked minced pies like so:

& the Favors for her work Colleges Brit-Mex Fusion... they ADORED IT!

5. Hotel Chocolat. cannot explain. need to taste!

The Heftig deli English breakfast is a classic so we are not counting it now. I like mines with out the black pudding/sausages, but with loads of deli beans, fried tomato and mushrooms! (yes you can imagine by now that I am 5 pounds heavier, I even assume you could gain weight just by reading this! hahaha).


A couple of years ago also family visiting, we were walking at the Hyde Park and saw there where a couple of stands (about 4 or 5) just like you see in a Weihnachtsmarkt where you could buy Bratwurst and Glühwein but that was about it.

This time about 5 years ago Winter Wonderland was for me like a mixture between Oktoberfest and the Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt! It was HUUUGE! You could find sweets every where, popcorn, and german Beer! many of the games were in German and well the kids LOVED it.

As a personal TIP make sure you either prepare a budget for it (with games, balloons, sweets, food, beer you can easily get to the 50£ p/p) or take some juices and sandwiches for the kids and drink the beers when you get home, thou I can assure you will be very thirsty! hehe After 5 pm it gets a bit VERY full, so be prepared for long waiting times to get to the exit, and make sure if you are in company that your Handy has enough charge!

Hope you got the feeling of being there, I truly enjoyed this time and well, London is the place to recharge Creative energies and meeting great interesting people who create great interesting stuff.

See u on the next post!



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