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We are taking some Christmas days Off and are heading off to a Xmas Family meeting @London! So yes I am really excited to finally get to see my family again and to have all the kiddos play together and make a grreat Xmas and New Year parteeey! And more over to re-charge and re-fresh my creative vibes... see what we come from for next year, all I can say is you may and should expect more fancy and more variety on designs! Kids styles remain and we are working on new inspirations for new more "grown-up" collections, but I am not going to say more because it is a SURRRPRISE!

I have a couple of appointments on great lovely Shops on London so if you own one either online or offline, and are nearby send me an email and we'll see if we can arrange to meet and have a chat within the 16.12.12 and the 23.12.12!

For now we have a Special OFFER on Wholesale!

Do you own a SHOP and sell Fabrics and sewing goodies? Then this OFFER is just for you! Enjoy a -15% OFF on WHOLESALE ORDERS! This is a grrreat opportunity to get to know our Ribbons or to re-supply your Stock! Last orders will be taken until the 11.12.12! HAPPY PRE-XMAS SHOPPING!

YOUR CODE: wunderxmas

Enjoy, and Happy pre-Xmas!



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