Wunderpop! LIKES Greg Pizzoli!

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While surfing Etsy searching for Illustrations I stepped up with the most hilarious colorful, retro style, sweet Illustrations ever, just exactly like this:

Over on his Shop I immediately got the feelingthis are really special Illustrations different from vector graphics, they are hand drawn and have a way far different feel and just puuhuurrfect for my two little guy's room. (TOP TIP: the Prints are much more beautiful in person and really unique for kids room deco! and great is, he Ships Internationally! Click on the Image to his Etsy shop).

So I wrote dear "Dr. Pizzoli" an email and asked him if he would fancy to make some Patterns for our Ribbons, and he was right away for it. Feeling what he‘s about, I suggested a Back to School theme and something like a Train with his little creatures. And we got to this amazing results;

ABC 123, perfect Back to School Theme, isn't it?

Veggie Ride, ultra cute graphics perfect for Baby Stuff (or Camera Straps *perfect width!* ho ho ho just got mines Custom Made!)

THE WATERMELON SEED his first children's book featuring Kroc (upper in blue) in a super funny Story ñ_ñ, will be published by Disney*Hyperion in the summer of 2013 (can't wait till Summer!)

Thank's so much Greg for sharing your amazing little fellows with us! (to visit Greg's website click the Boat!)



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