Das neue Webband Kollektion 2015 ist endlich da! - New Arrivals! Our Fabulous Ribbon Collection 2015 is now in!

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First of all I wish you the best for this new 2015!

I'm super glad that our Ribbon Collection for 2015 is finally here! YIPEEE!
For this season, I chose "Cool Kids"and "Fantasy Cute" as a main theme for my Designs.

I am all about anime, kawaii and everything and anything japan! (no kidding!?).
So for this collection I decided to go with very oh-so cute Illustrations, my best source for kawaii faces…. Maximo my little one! No kidding, every time I see his face it makes me think of anime!
Hahahah quite weird don't ey, but well we all have our secret sources of inspiration, and I actually think it went pretty RAD! Check them out for yourself!


Michelle Pohl

The Next two Ribbon Pattern Designs are inspired on Summer feelings, and a bit of Rockabilly!
Rockabellas, Pinup girl pattern with a extra dose of Cuteness and wildness, in Hibiscus background.

Surf Shaka! I shaka or high five my boys all the time, so I thought it might be fun to make a cute surfer design with a kick of coolness, shaka coolness! And no kidding, this little boy looks just like my 8 month little baby, aaaawwweesooomeeee!  I think I have found my new favy ribbon!

The Ribbons are available for Merchandisers through our Wholesale shop.
If you wish to register as Merchandiser, just visit the following link. In case you don't own a VAT, it is no problem! ( FYI: just remember VAT free orders can only be shipped to registered Merchandisers with valid VAT).

Registry for Wholesale click here:


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