Always look on the bright side of life...

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In a need to make my spirits brighter I thought of the perfect song to play on spotify and cheer me up from this 2 week fatal creative midlifecrisis (when I am only 30! hahaha) and trying to come up with some new designs for a funky and funny Mug to cheer me up when drinking Coffe No. 1 (mostly of 2, followed by 3 liters of yummy Mate tea, Blueberry and acai, Ginseng all Yogi all Dr. Stuarts Teas for which I am at the moment fou fou for!) before getting my two little and hyperactive koala bears ready for Nursery and Kindergarten. 

And the one song I couldn't take out of my head was... (whistling). And it made me remember... Michelle, it could always be worse!

When the sketch was ready I thought, "I'll make it my Fb Cover photo to extra cheer me up and send a message to those friends in need (mostly working mums, or 3x mums which makes the working on the name überflussig, who need a good word on the day. And then I thought well I'll share it on Fb to celebrate with all Fb Friends our 2nd. Birthday and maybe they'll find it useful too...

It is on our Fb page or click on the image that takes you to the original link and to use it as your cover photo follow this easy steps:

1. Go to your timeline
2. Hover over your cover photo
3. Click Change Cover at the bottom-right of your cover photo
4. Pick one of the options from the pop-up menu (ex: upload a new photo, reposition your current cover photo or delete your cover)
5. Save your changes

And feel free to share it with your friends, who know you might just steal a smile from some of those "friends in need" or friends like me with my midlife 30s crisis hahahahaha

Have fun!



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