Deadline for Next COLLECTION!

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Hi! There, well we are about to close up for next Season's Collection and thought how about we ask you guys what you would YOU fancy??? Get in touch with us & let us know your wish via Facebook by clicking HERE!

Bully Bus, will be re-stocked all Rolls flew and all colors are sold out! We are adding some new Bullys and I am sure you will like them as all other Bullys!

We are adding some paisleys ‘a la Wunderpop as well as some X-Mas/Winter goodies!

Sadly we have not yet found time to search for a Partner/Licensing for our WUNDERFABRICS so this Project is still on our TO-DO List for next year! If you have interest on Licensing Wunderpop for Fabrics give me a call or contact me any time here!

It's been so much fun working on new Designs, so we hope you likey them!

The tempted release date for our next Collection is end August / first days of September.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely Weekend!



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